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Henry Ford is often quoted as saying: “Fifty percent of my spend on marketing is effective. I just don’t know which fifty percent!”

It’s a great quote, but our response would be: “You should probably stick to making cars, Henry!”

Often in non-sales organisations, marketing is treated as a necessary evil. The activity that is decided upon is either something that has always been done, or something that the business leaders quite enjoy, e.g. hospitality events, client lunches, dinners etc.

There is nothing wrong with corporate entertainment, but it has little value in terms of real, effective marketing.

In today’s economic environment, there are very few firms that can afford the luxury of unnecessary spending but, with careful thought and planning, it is possible to create a marketing mix that will provide both evidence of effectiveness and genuine return on investment.

Our independent marketing audit involves us examining all your marketing activity, analysing what results you get from each activity and providing you with a report and recommendations. We can thereby ensure that you are maximising your marketing potential and that every penny you spend produces measurable results-the ideal for any effective business.