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Pitch Pro Sales Pitch Support and Advice Service

Anyone would agree that winning a sales pitch or presentation is not down to luck. If you win a pitch, it is because your offering has come the closest to meeting the prospective client’s needs, you will have differentiated your offering from that of your competition, and throughout your pitch your team will have given the prospective client confidence that you are able to deliver what you say you can. In addition, your prospective client will feel that your pricing proposition represents value.

There is no doubt that, the better prepared the pitch, the more chance it has of winning.

For the past 18 years we have been helping our clients prepare for sales pitches and presentations, however, on a number of occasions recently we have been asked to provide this service on a standalone, discreet basis. Due to the success of these interventions we have decided to make this a permanent standalone offering and branded it "Pitch Pro".

The Pitch Pro service will involve us working with a team that has been invited to pitch for a piece of work. We will use our unique blend of sales skills, project mangement, and coaching expertise to work alongside the team to develop their sales pitch.

We will work in partnership with the team to ensure that their sales pitch has both the highest possible chance of success, and will be won at the highest possible value. To achieve this we will:

  • Advise on the pre-pitch meeting, identifying key objectives and critical information to be gained
  • Set up and co-ordinate pitch preparation project management, agreeing time frames, responsibilities, etc
  • Advise on target and competition research
  • Advise and co-ordinate collateral and media production
  • Advise on sales messages and value offerings
  • Facilitate pre-pitch run through
  • Facilitate post-pitch debrief and feedback analysis

Effective preparation will increase your chances of winning more pitches and at higher values.

To find out more about this unique service, download our brochure or contact us