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Sales Process Design

We are often asked by leaders in non-sales organisations how to create a more sales-focused culture within their organisation. Our response is always: “Start by creating a robust sales process.” Without a clear process, leaders are not giving the team the tools to do the job-which will usually result in poor results, which in turn create low confidence and lack of motivation to attempt future sales activity.

Having a common sales process within a business has many benefits, e.g. it enables the application of best practice, effective measurement, and monitoring for performance improvement. It also enables the training of separate component parts of the process in addition to the full process. It can facilitate inter-changeability within the team, as well as having many other benefits

A good sales process should be simple and effective. At its core it must have four stages:

Stage 1

Establishing the “buying information”

Can your offering bring value? Who makes the decision? What are the buying motives? What are the buyer’s needs? What are the sales preventers?

Stage 2

Preparing for the sale

Deciding which service /product will bring value, deciding on which features and benefits to explain, deciding on how best to show/demonstrate the selling proposition.

Stage 3

How to deliver the sales proposition

Delivering the sales proposition with enthusiasm and encouragement, in a clear and persuasive manner that presents the buyer with sufficient information and reasons to agree to the proposition.

Stage 4

Closing the sale

Having a conversation that answers questions, corrects misperceptions and satisfies objections, and finally, if necessary, trading concessions to negotiate acceptable terms for both buyer and seller.

The basics are simple but they need converting into relevant language that a team can understand and visualise operating in their environment, and then communicate in a motivational manner.

We have many years’ experience of designing and implementing sales processes for many different organisations. To find out more about our unique service, contact us for an initial discussion.