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Sales Training

The majority of professionals feel, at best, uncomfortable with the thought of having to “sell”. We believe that this is mainly down to their perception of what "selling" entails.

At Liddell Dunbar we have trained literally hundreds of professionals how to become effective in winning business with both targets and clients.

Our starting place is always to explain that selling does not involve persuading someone to buy a service they don't either want or need.. in fact just the opposite, selling professional services is about creating the enviroment where you can establish what a client or target does need, and then explaining how you can help them fulfil their need.

Our approach to training non-sales people uses a combination of confidence-building, myth-busting, education in sales psychology and strategy along with the development of key soft skills.

When delivering training sessions, our approach is to break the sales process into a number of easy-to-understand and memorable stages, and take the time required to allow delegates to become comfortable with each stage before progressing to the next. We always ensure that the content has a high degree of relevance. This ensures buy-in and encourages delegates to use the techniques that are trained.

To ensure that our training actually helps individuals create positive behaviours (rather than just being a couple of interesting days away from the office) we embed key messages by using video role-play and encourage individuals to create post-training practice routines. Every delegate has access to post-training support for up to three months, to discuss specific instances or get remedial help about a particular issue.

Our approach creates an environment in which we embed positive sales behaviours and increase individuals’ confidence and, as a result, improve their performance.

We have conducted a number of assessment exercises where our training and processes have been implemented and observed using a control group. The results were dramatic-our training and processes produced an increase in performance of 600%.

To find out more about our sales training, please contact us.